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What is Integrative Aesthetics?

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Our body is exposed to a series of toxins every day, gases from the atmosphere, ultra-processed foods, and a series of chemical changes that occur in our bodies. These generate inflammations, allergies, and diseases that go unnoticed until they start triggering chronic signs. Integrative aesthetics is presented as a complementary therapy – less aggressive than conventional treatments – capable of seeing the client and his or her aesthetic changes from a global perspective, which takes into account the emotional, mental, and physical context of each individual. The professional will use his perception and technical knowledge to determine personalized and exclusive treatments according to the needs and particularities of each client.

Each treatment aims precisely to promote a rebalancing of the individual, and may also generate satisfactory aesthetic results. After all, the professional will work on other aspects that may be influencing the aesthetic change. The professional’s job is to know the power of association of these practices, in order to indicate a complete treatment, with specialized professionals, aiming to treat the individual inside and out. With all this, it is necessary, in a way, to analyze and treat the individual as a whole.


Treatments for cellulite, fat reduction, skin tightening, rejuvenation, and body detox.


1 session of Lymphatic Drainage

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The best Brazilian lymphatic drainage method to regenerate tissue, improve the immune system, fight cellulite, and remove the excess of water and toxins.

1 hour 15 minutes @ $175.00 
Lymphatic drainage accelerates the process of removing the accumulated fluids between cells and toxins, directing them to capillaries and, through specific movements, directing them to be eliminated. This technique also stimulates tissue regeneration, improves the immune system, is relaxing, fights cellulite and even improves the body’s anti-inflammatory action.

45 minutes @ $105.00 

Facial lymphatic drainage has preventive, aesthetic and therapeutic goals, as it stimulates the defense system, tissue oxygenation and helps in the elimination of retained liquids, toning the skin and delaying tissue aging.


 2 hours @ $265.00 
Combination of body and facial lymphatic Lift drainage.

2 hours 30 minutes @ $320.00 

Brazilian Body Lymphatic Drainage + Specific body products for detox + Sauna Blanket. Great after days of drinking alcohol and fatty foods with high sodium content.


1 hour @ $175.00 

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Authentic Brazilian Waxing with the best products on the market.


1 session of Lymphatic Drainage

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Check out our exclusive packages

Have you had plastic surgery or other aesthetic procedures and want to continue maintaining your results? With our body treatments membership you will have a continuous treatment, it is the extension of your gym. It is a membership for you to maintain your results but also to achieve desired results and continue with maintenance.

In our membership you are entitled to 4 monthly sessions of body treatments for fat reduction, muscle strengthening, sagging and cellulite. Our expert professional will evaluate you and develop a treatment specific to your needs in addition to creating a detox protocol for you to follow at home.

In our membership you will be entitled to use the following devices:
– Cavitation
– Radio frequency
– Russian Waves (EMS)
– Electrolipolysis
– Vacuum Machine
– Red light Therapy
– Cryofrequency
– Sauna Blanket

In addition to all this with our membership you get 40% OFF on the Lymphatic Drainage session.

Regular price for 4 body sculpting sessions is $880

Instead of paying $220 per session you pay $99
With membership you save $480!!!

Membership is valid for contracts of at least 6 months

Sign up for the membership and take constant care of your body!!

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Brazilian Body Bar is a company founded in Los Angeles by Brazilian Esthetician and specialist in body treatments, Aline Ferraz. Born in Brazil, Aline has completed multiple specialization courses with the best and most well-known professionals in Brazil in areas including lymphatic drainage, fat reduction, skin tightening, and cellulite. Aline has worked in the field of aesthetics for many years and is currently based in Los Angeles.

Aline is known for her unwavering commitment to her clients, her ability to turn her passion into a career, and her love in helping build her clients’ self-confidence. Brazilian Body Bar was founded from this desire to help clients look and feel beautiful while using the best body treatments, techniques, and products from Brazil. And that is the mission of the Brazilian Body Bar, working with clients to improve their self-esteem, and taking care of themselves from inside out!

Our customers love us

Hilary Escalante

“Aline you are absolutely amazing ! Thank you so much for my phenomenal results. I literally can’t believe how tiny I look when I look in the mirror. You have made my confidence come back alive and I can’t thank you enough for that. I am proud of my body now. I can’t wait to start my next treatments with you! You are the best.”

Gaby Belato

“After I met the Brazilian Body Bar, I changed my life. I learned the importance of taking care of myself from the inside out, in addition to improving my self-esteem with the wonderful aesthetic results I obtained!”

Camila Bersani

“Aline is amazing! I had my lymphatic drainage done with her many times. She is kind, patient, and extremely knowledgeable of her work. I would highly recommend her. I cannot express how grateful I am for her work. Also, the prices are unbeatable and the appointments have always been timely and they last for the entire time. Thank you again!”

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