Proven: Powerful Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Aesthetic Treatment Provides Visible Results Soon After The First Session, Besides Fighting...

Cellulite, eliminating toxins, activating blood circulation, reducing body swelling, improving self-esteem and well-being.

Proven: Powerful Aesthetic Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Provides Visible Results Soon After The First Session, Besides Fighting...

Cellulite, eliminate toxins, activate blood circulation, reduce body swelling, improve self-esteem and well-being.

What is Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage?

It consists of a massage with gentle movements whose objective is to stimulate the lymphatic system – a complex network of vessels that move fluids around the body. As the treatment is done manually, the professional Aline Ferraz has dedicated herself to develop more and more the techniques used to provide satisfactory results for her clients.

Activation of blood circulation


Reduces body swelling

Improves the immune system

Remodels the body

Detoxification of the body

Relaxation and well-being

Acts as an analgesic

Booking now You get: Bonus session infrared light therapy and vaccum therapy

Who is the treatment for?

Body Lymph Drainage is indicated for those who have:




Gestational edema



How does the treatment scheduling work?

By scheduling your treatment you get a bonus session of Infrared Light Therapy and Vaccum Therapy

Brazilian Body
Lymphatic Drainage

$ 165
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Lymphatic Drainage

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Brazilian Body Bar is a company founded in Los Angeles by Brazilian Esthetician and specialist in body treatments, Aline Ferraz. Born in Brazil, Aline has completed multiple specialization courses with the best and most well-known professionals in Brazil in areas including lymphatic drainage, fat reduction, skin tightening, and cellulite. Aline has worked in the field of aesthetics for many years and is currently based in Los Angeles.

Aline is known for her unwavering commitment to her clients, her ability to turn her passion into a career, and her love in helping build her clients’ self-confidence. Brazilian Body Bar was founded from this desire to help clients look and feel beautiful while using the best body treatments, techniques, and products from Brazil. And that is the mission of the Brazilian Body Bar, working with clients to improve their self-esteem, and taking care of themselves from inside out!

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Fight Cellulite

Fighting Swelling

Activation of blood circulation

Accelerates the metabolism of the area where the massage is done


Reduces bruising

Eliminates toxins

Improves self-esteem

Assists in injury recovery


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